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Our services include a full range of Verification projects, Rig Intake and Advisory services. VTC Offshore offer the integrity and professional experience to safeguard your assets.  provides comprehensive services and solutions to help move your business forward


VTC Offshore surveyors and inspectors are highly qualified in their respective fields. As an independent third-party we provide verifications, inspections and Audits in accordance with the applicable regulations for the actual unit. Ensuring that systems and equipment are designed and built to required standards, criteria and legislation.


We have gained a reputation for delivering value through:

  • Safety improvement; by early detection and prevention of safety hazards

  • Cost reduction; by pinpointing areas of concern at an early stage and by visualising solutions to comply with rules, regulations and contract

  • Providing priorities for the organisation early in the project lifecycle

  • Well prepared and optimized acceptance testing, based on historical data and competent personnel

  • Provision of early visibility and confidence for stakeholders

  • Online reporting, by providing documentation and continuous follow-up


Take a look at our customers and reference list here.

We primarily serve companies in the oil and gas industry, we take pride in building partnerships with our clients and provide our competence and experience. 


Typical areas where we provide our advisory services are:

  • In the preparation of technical procedures, manuals, strategies and philosophies

  • Review of technical documentation

  • Review, evaluate and comtribute to contract preparation and negotiation

  • Review and technical evaluation of purchase requisitions

  • Project control, project management

  • New build and Modification projects

  • Evaluate design concept and studies

  • Perform GAP Analysis for changes in regulations and governing documentation

  • Maintenance of Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC)

  • Platform management

  • Operational management

  • Witness Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Facilitate and perform Hazop/Hazid


We have people with the right expertise for the assignment.

By using our exstensive network and partners within the oil and gas industry we are able to provide all levels of technical or management personnel.

Our Clients will benefit from VTC Offshore’s in-house multidicipline expertise and historical records

The rig intake process will be based on technical conditions and requirements, include evaluation of management systems, maintenance systems, operational- and organizational requirements, training and competence, and historical performance and conditions, with emphasis on aspects with high risk or influence on Health, Safety and Environment.


The extent and detail level of verification and inspection activities to be carried out, are dependent on both the actual MODU’s (and Contractor’s) former operational experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, as well as the operator's knowledge and experience with the Contractor/MODU. 

We see a need for better understanding of the interaction between operational, organisational and technical elements in barriers, and of the relationship between risk management and managing barriers.


What must the industry do?

  • The industry must ensure that relationships between risk assessments and barrier management are made clear, and that these occupy a central place in managing operations.

  • Robust and specific barrier strategies and performance requirements must be developed. And operational, organisational and technical barrier elements must be manifested in risk assessments.


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