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Rig Intake 

The rig intake process will be based on technical conditions and requirements, include evaluation of management systems, maintenance systems, operational- and organizational requirements, training and competence, and historical performance and conditions, with emphasis on aspects with high risk or influence on Health, Safety and Environment.


The extent and detail level of verification and inspection activities to be carried out, are dependent on both the actual MODU’s (and Contractor’s) former operational experience from the Norwegian Continental Shelf, as well as the operator's knowledge and experience with the Contractor/MODU. 

Rig evaluation

VTC Offshore has an extensive checklist and experience to verify technical requirements for MODU.


The list consist of more than 1500 check points and is deviated into following main groups:

  • Overall system

  • BOP and BOP Control System

  • Marine system, Anchor handling, Position Keeping

  • Electrical Systems

  • Drilling and completion equipment

  • Maintenance Management

  • Lifting Equipment, Operations

  • Health Safety and Environment


  • AoC, Compliance Measurement

  • Training and Competence

  • Safety system, ESD, F&G, Communication

  • Company’s subcontractors equipment

  • Other requirements such as HPHT/ Deep water/ Winterized operation-equipment and systems, wireline operations

Rig verifications and Acceptance testing

Based on experiences from our many rig intakes VTC Offshore has developed an efficient method to perform rig intake activities.

Activities performed prior to the operations
  • Rig Acceptance Process

  • Planning of the Rig Acceptance

  • Third Party Equipment / Contract

  • Review and acceptance of HSE & Technical Capabilities

  • Verification & Inspection according to a rig specific plan

  • Previous performance and down-time records


Activities performed during the operations
  • Follow up

  • Close-out

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