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Document fabrication

There have been numerous recorded incidents where failings by operators have been the major contributing cause of major accidents. Provision of clear, concise and accurate operating procedures is the most effective measure to prevent, control and mitigate such events.

VTC Offshore's experienced personnel are able to assist you in developing custom technical procedures, manuals, strategies and philosophies. Examples of relevant areas where VTC Offshore can help you to improve safety and compliance are:

  • Maintenance

  • Commissioning/ acceptance testing

  • Control systems

  • Fire and Gas systems

  • Emergency shutdown systems

  • Electrical systems

  • Marine

  • Management

  • Emergency

  • Lifting operations

  • Material handling

  • Well control

  • Training and competence

  • Health

  • Environment

Document review

Our technical documentation review provides comprehensive verification of your technical documentation, to ensure that your paperwork is complete, up-to-date and in compliance with all required standards. We review:

  • System drawings

  • Information from suppliers and installers

  • Circuit diagrams

  • Data sheets and certificates for individual system components

  • Installation and commissioning manuals

  • Guarantee and warranty documentation

  • Test and commissioning data

To discuss how our technical documentation review can help you ensure your paperwork is complete and up-to-date, contact us today.

Contract evaluation

The importance of a “good contract”:

VTC Offshore personnel have more than 30 years of experience with contracts in the oil and gas industry.

The importance of implementing years of experience and historical data as a basis for making the best contract possible, will have substantial benefits for the organization, ie:

  • Less risk for cost overrun (reduced cost)

  • No delays

  • Less time spent for contractual discussions/negotiations

  • No variation orders

  • No risk for bad reputation

  • No risk potential for law suits

  • Better safety

  • Better quality

Our specialties are rig contracts and other contracts related to drilling operations

Tender review

During the procurement process, it is crucial that the technical details, regulatory requirements, documentation requirements and delivery time fits within the project's framework. Pieces from different parts of the organization shall be combined and ultimately ensure that all requirements are covered in the purchasing agreement.


VTC Offshore's multidiscipline organization can be that extra set of eyes and make sure that all pieces are put into place and thus ensure that the delivery is within regulatory requirements, design requirements, documentation requirements, cost requirements and delivered within deadline. 

Project management

A project manager from VTC Offshore, combined with audits and verifications, will assist you in being foresighted and significantly improve your possibilities for project success (quality, cost and time of delivery).

You will improve your possibility to meet budget and schedule, and enable you to detect design deviations at an early stage.

Experienced personnel will help you to keep track of your project progress. We can provide senior project managers - full time / part time.

We use our rig intake experience to provide you with lists of findings and non-conformities, ensuring follow up from contractor, and close out in a proper manner.

Our experience and systemized work process will provide better planning and optimized work process.

Our extensive experience in project engineering, operation and management is of benefit when providing assistance in the following areas:

  • Perform design review and verification.

  • Perform inspections during yard stay.

  • Review Factory Acceptance Test Procedures and acceptance criteria.

  • Review Site Acceptance Test Procedures and acceptance criteria.

  • Project Management

  • Site personnel

  • Verification of documentation.

  • Functional Testing

  • Integration Testing

  • Review Handover Documentation

Design study

VTC Offshore can assist you in identifying key deliverables for each area and phase of your project to improve the speed and efficiency of the project life cycle, from initial concept right through to design and implementation.


Our senior personnel will provide you with technical and commercial advice and proactively outline robust and sustainable solutions. Whether you require whole teams or just a few personnel to supplement your existing teams, we have the expertise and the resources to help you at every step.

GAP Analysis

Our organisation will efficiently be able to perform a GAP analysis towards changes in rules and regulation and identify the impact this may have for your assets. 

Typical areas where we do qualified technical and organisational GAP analysis are:

  • Changes in requirements from governments (PSA, NMD)

  • Changes in Class requirements

  • Changes in API standards

  • Changes in company governing documentation

  • Contract documentation


Please contact us if you require more detailed information about our solution.

Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC)

We support you in every area of regulatory compliance — anytime, anywhere.

Our partnership:







Offshore Installation Management (OIM)

VTC Offshore has offshore installation managers that will provide your organisation valuable knowledge and experience. Whether you require operational guidance or you need OIM at your installation, we have the expertise and the resources to help you at every step.

Operational management

Our team consists of experienced personnel in many professions and disciplines; we place ourselves at your disposal whether you need operational or advisory services. Typical professions and disciplines we provide are:

  • Driller

  • Subsea

  • Electrician

  • Toolpusher

  • Safety coach

  • Maintenance leader

  • Maintenance supervisor

  • QHSE Leader


We have a broad network and can provide additional qualified personnel at your request.   

Technical Support

VTC Offshore can provide services for technical support within:

  • Drilling equipment

  • Power generation and distribution

  • Safety Integrated Systems

  • Fixed and loose lifting appliances

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Mud systems

  • Well control equipment

  • Maintenance task compliancy

  • Asset management and budget planning

  • Technical contractual matters

  • Platform Management

During operations, projects, rig intakes or commissioning it always arises matters that needs clarification towards to regulations, technical solutions, contractual conditions, operating conditions or safety conditions, our experienced personnel can provide answers that will optimize the process.

Start-up and Commissioning

Our extensive experience in project engineering, operation and management will benefit your organisation in identifying potential pitfalls that can delay or excessively increasing the project cost. VTC Offshore has in several occasions pinpointed and  prevented potential hazards with both design and functionality.

Our philosophy is to proactively contribute in finding good solutions by offering services as:

  • Prepare test program and procedures 

  • Functional testing

  • Integration testing

  • Review handover documentation.

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

VTC Offshore provides independent third-party verification or technical support connected to performing FAT.


  • Verify the functionality, quality and integrity as well as compliance with Norwegian law, rules and regulations.

  • Verify documentation package and certification.

  • Ensure that your equipment complies with interfaces and connected equipment.


HAZID (HAZard IDentification) is a high-level, systematic assessment of design, modification project or operation intended to identify potential hazards or show stoppers. 

VTC Offshore has performed HAZID within drilling facilities as an independent third part.


HAZOP(HAZard & OPerability analysis) is a method for detecting potential safety, operational or regulatory issues associated with the design, maintenance or operation of a system. By having an independent 3 part performing the HAZOP process it  ensures an objective aproach to the assesment.


Our operationtional experience together with technical expertice makes VTC Offshore a reliable partner when performing risk analysis.

As a part of our dedication to continously improve risk reduction, VTC Offshore has developed a comprihensive database of risk factors on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The data is stored in our PAR-Management system and enable us to trend residual risk elements across companies and installations. This has been a game changer for us and our customers. 

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